Silkscreening prices depends a lot on the specifics of your custom design. The style of blank tees, the quantity of tees, and the number of colors being printed are the most important factors.

Use the worksheet to the right to get a basic idea of how much your custom tees will cost. There are many more styles and colors available. Give us a call with your exact specifications and we will give you a custom quote.
Garment Color:
Colors Front:
Colors Back:
Unit Price: $
Subtotal: $
Tax: $
Total: $
Price is for Adult Tees sizes S-XL. Prices are subject to change without notice. Call or email for current pricing.
Your custom shirts are unique, we get that. We will work with you every step along the way to make sure they get done right. From the initial price quote to the final product, a real person will be ready to answer all of your questions. Go ahead and play with the worksheet to see if the price is right. When you are ready, give us a call or stop by.
We produce all of the shirts in-house on our automatic presses. Because of that, we can better control our costs and give you the best possible prices. We've spent plenty of time figuring out how to be the most efficient and make the fewest mistakes. We also spend time doing research and development on new techniques and special effects so don't hesitate to ask if you are interested.